About me

I am currently a 3rd year PhD candidate at Multimedia Laboratory in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, supervised by Prof. Xiaoou Tang and Prof. Ping Luo. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua University in 2016. My research interests are deep learning and computer vision.


IBN-Net (+ PSANet) has won the WAD 2018 Drivable Area Segmentation Challenge. Paper accepted by ECCV2018.
Spatial CNN has won the Tusimple Lane Detection Challenge 2017. Paper accepted by AAAI2018.

Education Experience

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK SAR
August 2017 - Now
Ph.D. in Information Engineering.
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
August 2012 - July 2016
B.E. in Automotive Engineering
GPA: 92.7, rank 1/86.

Professional Activities

I serve as a conference reviewer for CVPR, ICCV, BMVC, and AAAI.


Compound Domain Adaptation in an Open World, arXiv Preprint, 2019.
Ziwei Liu*, Zhongqi Miao*, Xingang Pan, Xiaohang Zhan, Stella X. Yu, Dahua Lin, Boqing Gong

Switchable Whitening for Deep Representation Learning, ICCV2019.
Xingang Pan, Xiaohang Zhan, Jianping Shi, Xiaoou Tang, Ping Luo
[Code], [Paper]

Self-Supervised Learning via Conditional Motion Propagation, CVPR2019.
Xiaohang Zhan, Xingang Pan, Ziwei Liu, Dahua Lin, Chen Change Loy

Two at Once: Enhancing Learning and Generalization Capacities via IBN-Net, ECCV2018.
Xingang Pan, Ping Luo, Jianping Shi, Xiaoou Tang
[Code], [Paper], [Supplementary]

Spatial As Deep: Spatial CNN for Traffic Scene Understanding, AAAI2018.
Xingang Pan, Jianping Shi, Ping Luo, Xiaogang Wang, Xiaoou Tang
[Dataset], [Code], [Paper], [Demo]

Professional Experience

SenseTime Group Limited, Beijing, China
May 2016 - October 2016
R&D Intern
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, HK SAR
October 2016 - August 2017
Junior Research Assistant at Multimedia Laboratory

Honors & Awards